Residential & Commercial Pest Solutions

Are you a homeowner, business owner, landlord, tenant, or anyone who is suffering from a pest problem?  At Ax, we have the solutions you need and we stand behind them 100%!  All of our products are organically based making them safer not only for the environment but for your family too!

Regardless of your location, pests are everywhere.  They can live outdoors destroying your yard and surrounding landscapes, eventually making their way inside your home.  They love destroying structures, eating your food, and becoming a scary problem for you and your family.  Some of them bite, others can even spread disease.  Call us today to schedule your FREE quote and make the choice for a pest free home!

Residential Service

Any pest problem big or small can be a hassle and an unnecessary stress.  Call us today for a free, no obligation quote to protect your home, family and pets against the things that pester you most.  All of our products are organically based making them safe for the environment and you!

Your service will include both interior and exterior applications.  We will set barriers along baseboards, under sinks, behind appliances, crawl spaces if accessible, and every room on every floor of your home.  We will also take care of your entire foundation, all eaves and awnings, window wells, patios, porches, windows and doors, exterior light fixtures and utility boxes where pests love to hide.  If you have a garage or small shed on your property we take care of that too.

All of our services are 100% guaranteed.  If our customers aren’t satisfied, neither are we.  If after your service you spot a pest, we will come out and re-treat at no extra cost to you.

Commercial Service

Whatever your business may be, we have a pest solution for you and your company.  We offer free quotes and can answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Your service will include both interior and exterior protection from top to bottom.  We have the knowledge and scheduling flexibility to ensure your pests don’t return and business can resume as usual.  All of our products are organically based making them safe for your customers and employees.

Do You Have A Pest Problem?  We Can Help!

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Common Pests

We hate pests just as much as you do.  Make Ax your first call and we will 100% guarantee protection against your pests!  Our coverage includes but is not limited to:


They are social insects, which means they live in large colonies or groups. Ant colonies can consist in the millions and quickly take over your home.

Spring & Summer

A single ant can lead the way for an entire colony to invade your home.  We will find the nest and remove your ant problem for good.

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Spiders leave annoying webs all around the inside and outside of your home. But worse, can inflict painful sometimes dangerous bites.

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

Spiders have always been a long time fear for most people.  Are you ready to squash this common pest problem for good?

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Very protective of their hives, these pests will not hesitate to sting a passerby. These can be especially dangerous to those who are allergic.

Spring, Summer & Fall

Hives can hide in hard to reach areas and sometimes go unseen.  We will rid your home from top to bottom of these nests and provide a barrier to keep the buzzing pests away.

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Bed Bugs

These insects like to hide in your bed and are most active at night. Females can deposit between one and five eggs a day and live off the blood of humans and animals. An infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness, they can easily hitchhike from place to place...don't let them make their new home with you!

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

Early detection is best when dealing with bed bugs, however, you can sleep tight knowing we’ve got you covered.  We offer a specialized heat treatment to the infested areas, getting rid of your problem for good!

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They make thier homes on the leaves of ash, maple, and box elder trees where they feed and reproduce. In the colder months they migrate toward buildings to stay warm.

Spring & Summer

We will help save your trees, garden, and your home from these red invaders.  Our organically based products are tough on pests, but gentle on the surrounding areas such as trees and flowers.

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These are not the furry friends you want to have. Rodents multiply so quickly they can become a fast problem and can squeeze into just about anything.

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

The earlier the prevention for rodents the better!  They not only cause damage outdoors, but indoors as well.  We work hard to make sure your property is fully treated to ensure a rodent free home.

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Moths, Cockroaches, Centipedes, Earwigs, Crickets, Millipedes, Flies, Mosquitos, Pillbugs, Beetles, and other creepy crawly things!

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

Whatever your pest problem may be, we are here to help!  We promise to get to the source of your problem and provide you with a safer, pest free home year round!

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Did You Know…


At Ax, we show pests no mercy.

Our company uses state-of-the art technologies to prevent and manage all of your pest problems. We are dedicated to providing a fast and efficient solution to pesky issues all while keeping you, your family, and your pets safer.